STOP PRESS Change of Opening Hours Following the success of our Open Days We've extended some of our opening hours, so bowling time is more available to members who are still working More time now to get on the green and enjoy your bowling - see you there Look at the "Opening Hours" page for details of opening times changes
 STOP PRESS Change of Opening Hours Following the success of our Open Days We've extended some of our opening hours,so bowling time is more  available to members who are still working More time now to get on the green and enjoy your bowling - see you there Look at the "Opening Hours" page for details of opening times changes

Membership information

How do I become a Member of the Victoria Bowling Club..?
Membership is by invitation and anybody interested in joining should contact the club requesting to speak to any committee member. New Members are usually introduced to the Club through existing members and are expected to have a proposer and seconder. But don't let that put you off - come along on any playing period and introduce yourself to our stewardess Geraldine in the club house. She'll introduce you to any of the officers present. If you have a proposer (usually the officer to whom you were first introduced) that proposer will ensure that you have the opportunity to visit the club to play and meet the President and members and join them for a cuppa in the club house.
Membership is subject to approval by the General Committee.
Contact the Membership Secretary
What is the address of the Victoria Bowling Club..?
30 Trafford Road Norwich NR1 2QW;
tel: 07873 349819
What are the Club Fees..?
There is no joining fee. The annual membership subscription is currently £120 for a playing member.


Fees for playing in all evening and one day competition games is £4.00. For casual play (eight ends) the cost is £1.50 a game.
Extended competitions and other events additional fees apply.
Does the Club cater for Beginners..?
The Club has many members who never bowled before joining Victoria but who are now totally committed to the Club and its especially friendly atmosphere. Even if you have never played bowls before the Club would welcome you and assist in giving instruction and guidance to improve your game.
What is the Dress Code for Members..?
A new member might be surprised to see members playing bowls in casual clothing - no white shirts and grey flannels, white or grey skirts here! However it is smart casual, so no jeans please, but smart shorts are OK.
Does the Club have "rules" for Members..?
The Club has an unwritten code of conduct that all members are expected to adhere to. Many of these "rules" are just common sense and you will find versions in existence at all bowling clubs.
The Victoria does have "traditions" as well, that are peculiar to it, but respected and observed by all the members.
For example:
On the completion of an end it is the leads that decide the scores, the winning number two who puts up the score on the score board and the losing number two who gathers the woods.
When casting the cot at the start of an end thought should be given to the ability and strength of the other members in the group and the cot cast to a suitable length.
Can I play a trial first..?
Those who contact the club, with a view to membership, will have the opportunity to play a trial game first to be able to sample the club's facilities.
 Play Hours mid April until the end of September.



1:30pm to 4:30pm

Casual play (unless there is a one-day competition)



1:30pm to 3:45pm

4:00pm to 6:00pm


Casual play

President v Deputy President matches




Competition play 





5.30pm to 7.30pm

Wednesdays are reserved for special events and competitions of which we hold up to 7 day events over the season for various trophies - all will finish in time for casual play at 5:30pm


Casual Play


9:30 am  to 12:30

Casual play 



1:30pm to 3:45pm

4:00pm to 6:00pm


Casual play

President v Deputy President matches






9:15am now extended to 4:00pm 



2:00pm to 4:00pm

Casual play both Saurdays and Sundays

Other events start and finish times vary according to the type of competition

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The Victoria Bowling Club

30 Trafford Road



07873 349819


Note number is only answered during opening times - otherwise leave a message and we'll get back to you during next open time


email us


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