Who is the GHOST?

Where are those creaks and groans coming from? Who is haunting the club house

These were the questions whenever the wind was whispering, the clubhouse was quiet and the wind veered. This was always eerie as it usually happened when you were in the clubhouse on your own and nobody else was around.

Whose ghost was it – which past president was haunting the club house?

The answer was – Jim was turning round, but who was Jim and why was he creaking and groaning?

The creaks and groans were from a distinct lack of grease in Jim’s rear end – Jim being the “ghost” or more accurately the bowler on the weather vane on the club house gable end. To the rescue came the stalwarts Peter Lane and Neville Allen – Jim is lifted off by the VaneMan, snugged up for the winter and then renovated, regreased, replaced and creaks and groans no more

The Ghost is at peace!