The Hanly Cup

Victoria Bowling Club

The Hanly Cup singles competition took place on Monday 3rd June with threatening weather forecast – yet again we got away with it! 

The round robins started at 11am and we broke for an excellent ploughman’s lunch served by Geraldine and her rapidly learning little helper. Following lunch the round robins continued until The Competition Maestro, known as “George” to some but something else by others, was able to declare the 2 pairs of semi finalist, being the winner and runner up from each of the 2 blocks of players –

But Drama ensued! 

An objection was posted, the scores were questioned, re-examined and a semi finalist was ejected and a new one appointed.

The semi finals were then played and both were tight games between John Flowerdew and Chris Hutchinson and the second between Gloria Hill and Roger Jones

Chris and Gloria went through to the final – read the next post to find out who won

Stripes win the day – It also seems it was essential you had to be wearing stripes to umpire and bowl in the final!